How much does a FestiTent cost?

The price for a FestiTent depends on a number of different things: location, duration, festival type… This is why the price is different for each festival. All prices in the webshop are always for the full duration of the festival.

Each reservation includes a booking fee for the electronical payment. All prices are 6% VAT included.

Important! A deposit must be paid for each FestiTent. The deposit is refunded on your account within 15 days after the festival if the FestiTent was undamaged when checking out. We check this with you, so don’t forget to check out on the last day!

The deposit varies per product and is mentioned in the webshop. In 95% of the cases, the deposit is fully refunded. All FestiTent materials are high quality and can withstand the hard festival conditions. Only improper use will cause damages to the FestiTents.

Attention! Festival and/or campsite tickets are not included in the FestiTent package.