4P Easy-Relax-Enjoy

@ Rijvers Festival 2022


- FestiTentWith the FestiTent 4P Easy-Relax-Enjoy at Rijvers festival you will feel like a king or queen in a palace. Easy, because your FestiTent for four is set up in advance, Relax on the inflated air mattresses and enjoy the freshness of the sleeping bags and pillows.

A pre-pitched tent for four, pre-inflated air mattresses neatly arranged with sleeping bags and pillows and two handy lanterns for the brilliant atmosphere.

This generous FestiTent offers two separate sleeping compartments separated by a central living area. The sleeping compartments are wide enough for two times two persons on air beds. In the central “hall” you can stand upright and there is enough space to hold a state dinner. The sleeping bags and pillows are so freshly laundered and soft that all princesses will want to be born in them (possibly a slight exaggeration). Plus, we give you two handy lanterns to light up even the most hazy festival nights.

Arrive at Rijvers festival with almost nothing. We’ll build, blow up and cover everything before Your Majesty arrives at the campsite.  No sweat, a lot of glory, because your spot is guaranteed. Easy, Relax & Enjoy!

€150 waarborg wordt toegevoegd aan jouw boeking. Check waarom!

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