Hoe werkt het?

  • Kies hieronder je FestiTent
  • Boek veilig via onze website
  • Ga naar het festival met je voucher
  • Check in aan de receptie
  • Geniet van je FestiTent
  • Check uit bij je vertrek
  • Je waarborg wordt teruggestort

Goed om weten!

  • Staat klaar als je toekomt
  • Duurzaam en ecologisch
  • 100% garantie op een kampeerplek
  • 24h/24u check-in/out
  • Kampeer naast je vrienden

About the festival

You can stop the hunt for the best festival ever, go to Paaspop in your own FestiTent!

Can you believe it’s already the 41th edition of Paaspop this spring on the 14th, 15th and 16th of April? Year after year, they have given us quality pop and rock music with both local talent and international superstars. Of course, this year is no different, with great names like Anti-Flag, Birdy Nam Nam and Anouk in the line-up. Lose yourself in the music, stroll through the festival market or relax on the campsite, whatever you want, Paaspop is the place to be.

Of course, what better way to relax than in your own FestiTent! We will put up your camping tent, so you just have to bring your festival essentials and enjoy the festival, without waiting in line, without any of the stress or hassle of camping. Even if you can only check in late, you are guaranteed to have the perfect camping spot, just Easy and Relaxed.

FestiTent voucher
After booking, you’ll receive a voucher. This will give you access to your very own FestiTent at the Paaspop campsite. A few days before your journey to Paaspop, you’ll receive another e-mail from us with some extra info.

Register at the FestiTent reception in the FestiTent village on arrival. Our hosts will take care of you and show you to your FestiTent. During check-in, we’ll go over your FestiTent together to make sure it’s not damaged and we’ll fill in a check-in form together.

The same process will take place during check-out. This way, we can check that the FestiTent wasn’t damaged during the weekend. If this isn’t the case, your deposit will be paid back within a week.

Want to know more about how FestiTent works?

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