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A propos de mon arrivée

FestiTent campsites only allow cars if the festival campsite allows them. Park your car on the assigned festival parkings.

Yes! A week before the festival starts, you will receive an information e-mail from us with contact details of the FestiTent crew on the spot.

We are present 24/24!

You can check in whenever you like during opening hours of the festival campsite. These opening hours are determined by the festival and FestiTent has no influence on them whatsoever. It is not obliged to be present on the first day of the festival. You can check in on any day, any moment you like.

We have our own check-in software, so in most cases a proof of identity of the booker is sufficient. Please bring your voucher if you are able to (electronically or printed) to avoid misunderstandings.

A week before the festival starts, you will receive an information e-mail from us with practical tips, where you can find us and contact details of the FestiTent crew. We will welcome you with open arms and guide you during your stay.

Au sujet de FestiTent BV

The price for a FestiTent depends on a number of different things: location, duration, festival type… This is why the price is different for each festival. All prices in the webshop are always for the full duration of the festival.

Each reservation includes a booking fee for the electronical payment. All prices are 6% VAT included.

Important! A deposit must be paid for each FestiTent. The deposit is refunded on your account within 15 days after the festival if the FestiTent was undamaged when checking out. We check this with you, so don’t forget to check out on the last day!

The deposit varies per product and is mentioned in the webshop. In 95% of the cases, the deposit is fully refunded. All FestiTent materials are high quality and can withstand the hard festival conditions. Only improper use will cause damages to the FestiTents.

Attention! Festival and/or campsite tickets are not included in the FestiTent package.

FestiTent rents out ready-to-use camping spots on festivals. Forget about the hassle in the car park, dragging your camping gear to the entrance or the fight with your tricky tent. Just bring your ‘festival essentials’ and enjoy your festival happening from the moment you arrive, Easy and Relaxed!

Au sujet de ma FestiTent

There are no special arrangements at the FestiTents to secure your stuff against theft. In most cases, they are located on the regular festival campsite. We guarantee you an Easy way to camp but can’t claim your stuff will be safer.

Putting a lock on a tent is signaling: “There is valuable stuff inside of me… Please rip me open.” Hence, we always discourage the use of a lock on the FestiTents.

Au sujet de ma garantie

Your deposit is refunded on your account within 15 days after the end of the festival. Depending on your payment method, it might take up to 30 days before the deposit is visible on your account (especially for credit cards). If you think your deposit wasn’t refunded, please contact us.

Each product or package has its own deposit and is mentioned in our webshop. Commonly, the deposits for each package are:

1P – €50

2P – €100

4P – €150

Accessories – €15 / €30

You are always responsible for the materials you have rented. Report vandalism to the FestiTent reception immediately and we will search for a solution with you and report it to the police and/or festival security.

Au sujet de ma réservation

Booking a FestiTent is easy as 1-2-3 in our webstore!

  1. Choose the festival where you would like to book a FestiTent or rent extra accessories. Add whatever you like to your shopping cart.
  2. Pay in advance and receive a confirmation e-mail with your FestiTent-voucher.
  3. Bring your voucher to the festival campsite and start your relaxing festival weekend!

It is only possible to reserve tents in advance. Although, we might make an exception for you… but we advise you to reserve one beforehand to guarantee a spot.

Yes! You can only book your FestiTent on this website and you will still need to buy seperate festival and/or camping tickets!

Yes. We have FestiTents for 1, 2 or 4 people.

No. We have 1, 2 and 4-people FestiTents, but you are allowed to stay with more or fewer people in the FestiTent.

Please note that the FestiTents are made for the specified amount of people and that comfort levels may drop if you stay in a FestiTent with more people.

With every reservation we ask you to pay a fixed deposit and small handling fee. If everything is returned in good condition afterwards, the deposit will be refunded on your account. Don’t forget to check out on the last day of the festival camping!

As soon as your order is confirmed and payment has been accepted, you will receive a confirmation email with your FestiTent voucher. Please allow up to 24 hours for this email to arrive and check your spam-folder. If the mail hasn’t arrived within 24 hours of ordering, please contact us.

Yes, all prices in our webstore are always for the whole duration of the festival. Building and breaking down the FestiTents by our crew is also included in the price.
All our prices include 6% VAT.

WARNING! Tickets for the festival and/or campsite are not included in the FestiTent price!

Yes, that is possible. When booked in one order, the FestiTents are placed together automatically. If multiple orders are made, please contact us at info@festitent.com and we will put the FestiTents together.

Au sujet de mon départ

Yes, this is essential to get your deposit refunded!

You can check out until 1 hour before the closing of the festival campsite. Please come to the reception and we will check your FestiTent with you for damages.

If you forget stuff in your FestiTent, we will do our very best to collect it at the end of the festival weekend. To enquire information about lost property send us an email, info@festitent.com

Au sujet du camping FestiTent

No. Festival campsites are loud and stressful environments for any kind of pet. We advise you to ask your friends or family to look over your pet while you are enjoying the festival.

Of course! The FestiTent campsite is part of the regular campsite and accessible for anyone with a campsite ticket.

Sorry, this is not allowed. The FestiTent campsite is drawn out and built beforehand, so it won’t be possible to place additional tents. Obviously, your friends can always swing by and pay you a visit or better, book FestiTents with all your friends!

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible due to lack of space. We build the FestiTent area in the cosiest and most practical way possible. We provide a sheltered area at the reception and as much decoration as possible.

We build the FestiTents beforehand on the best camping spot of the campsite, different for each festival. We always choose a position as close to facilities and the shortest path to the festival. When you arrive at the campsite, it is easy to find us and we will help you when you arrive.

No. The FestiTents are always together on one location we choose carefully to provide you with the best camping spot. We build the FestiTents beforehand, so it is not possible to place your FestiTent elsewhere.


Vous ne trouvez pas ce que vous cherchez ? Contactez-nous!

De préférence, nous restons en contact par courrier. Pourquoi? Pendant la saison des festivals, nous sommes extrêmement actifs, tant au bureau que sur le site du festival. Ne vous inquiétez pas, en semaine, nous répondons dans les 24 heures et le week-end dans les 48 heures. Très exceptionnellement, cela peut prendre un peu plus de temps lorsque toutes nos mains sont sur le terrain.

De plus, par e-mail, nous pouvons mieux répondre à des questions très spécifiques sur les réservations et les festivals. Il n'est pas toujours possible de fournir immédiatement les bonnes informations par téléphone. De plus, personne n'est vraiment content de la musique d'attente, n'est-ce pas ?


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Nous ne sommes pas disponibles actuellement. Veuillez nous contacter par courriel.


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Nous ne sommes pas disponibles actuellement. Veuillez nous contacter par courriel.

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