4P Easy

@ Crammerock 2023


- FestiTentWith the FestiTent 4P Easy at Crammerock you feel like a king sleeping in some kind of palace.

The four-person FestiTent has two separated sleeping compartments divided by a central living area. The sleeping compartments are wide enough to house two times two people on an air mattress and you can stand upright in the central “patio”. This means no more wiggling around laying on your back trying to squeeze in a pair of jeans.

No hassle, no rush! We will pitch your FestiTent 4P at the Crammerock campsite upon your arrival. Just drop your mattresses and sleeping bags in the sleeping compartments and you’re all set. And because we know that festival nights could become blurry, we’ll even give you two lanterns to illuminate those adventures.

€150 deposit will be added to your booking. Check out why.

  • 4P Icon1 accommodation for four people
  • Lantern Icon2 lanterns
  • Checkmark IconReady upon arrival
  • Calendar IconUse your accommodation during the entire festival
  • Warning IconPay attention: access to the campsite is not included

  • 2 sleeping compartments of 180 by 230 cm
  • 1 central luggage and living area of 160 by 230 cm
  • Ventilation flaps
  • 4 big storage compartments
  • LED lanterns
  • Coat hooks

- FestiTent

FestiTent voucher

After booking, you’ll receive a voucher. This will give you access to your very own FestiTent, but not to the festival nor its campsite. Go to the festival website to get your tickets now. A few days before your journey to the festival, you’ll receive another e-mail from us with some extra info.


Once you have arrived at the campsite, come over to the FestiTent reception to check in. Our hosts will take care of you and show you to your FestiTent. During check-in, we’ll go over to your FestiTent together to make sure it’s not damaged and we’ll fill in a check-in form.


The same process will take place during check-out. This way, we can check whether or not the FestiTent wasn’t damaged during the weekend. If it wasn’t damaged, you will receive your deposit within 5 weeks, depending on your payment method.

The deposit is €150 and will be refunded on your bank account when your FestiTent and its contents are left undamaged. We’ll look at this together at the end of your stay, so please remember to check out.

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