Belgian Travel Guarantee Fund

All bookings made on are insured by the Belgian Travel Guarantee Fund.

The Travel Guarantee Fund® is an insurance company that offers insurance against financial insolvency for tour operators, resellers or travel agencies. They can take out such insurance by becoming a member of GFG®. As a traveler you are protected if one of our members goes bankrupt.


Protective order of GFG®

The GFG® acts in the event of the bankruptcy of one of its members and then provides a suitable solution for every traveler who has booked a trip with that member and who has yet to leave or has already reached his destination. Thus, the traveler is protected as provided for in the legislation and can count on a cancellation with refund of the sums already paid on the one hand and a repatriation or continuation of the trip on the other.

Since its inception and up to and including January 1, 2021, GFG® has handled more than 100 bankruptcies and paid out more than 39 million euros. The bankruptcy of Thomas Cook in 2019 was the largest in the history of GFG®, which also completely settled this file and paid out approximately 28 million euros.


Preventive assignment of GFG®

Every year, GFG® analyzes the financial situation of its members and in this way tries to ensure that they remain financially healthy. Every affiliated tour operator, retailer or travel agency is thoroughly screened without exception.