About FestiTent

FestiTent originated on the campsites itself

In recent years there has been a shift in the camping needs at festivals.

The visitors aim to reach maximum comfort with less effort. Therefore FestiTent offers pre-pitched accommodation at festival campsites. The festival visitor can make a booking on festitent.com and immediately start his or her carefree festival weekend.

The selected FestiTent and accessories will be prepared and the visitor only needs to bring a ” Ryanair amount” of luggage to the festival campsite. Besides comfortable tents, there is the possibility to order additional camping necessities and services such as inflatable mattresses, chairs, sleeping bags, breakfast, etc”.

Why Choose FestiTent

Your Easy way to camp

Go to a festival without stress, thanks to FestiTent. When you book a FestiTent, you won’t have the typical hassle at the parking lot, you won’t have to drag your tent with you and you won’t have the struggle of putting up your tent. You just take your festival essentials and enjoying the festival immediately. It’s as Easy as that!

Relax, it’s ready when you arrive

Drop off your bag, take a sip from your drink and Relax and Enjoy your favourite festival. Sounds good, right? Well, if you choose a FestiTent, this could be reality. FestiTent makes sure that your tent is all set up by the time you arrive.

Enjoy, 24h guest support

No matter what time it is, our crew is ready to help you with their assistance and guidance. The permanent presence of our hospitality crew makes you feel at home immediately. Because we believe in the power of hospitality and simplicity, FestiTent does not build VIP campsites or resorts.

Sustainable & Ecological

Our own developed FestiTents are used for at least two festival seasons. This means a FestiTent is not a disposable product. We want to contribute to the sustainability of the festivals and help Mother Nature a bit.

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What is a FestiTent

FestiTent 1P
FestiTent 1P
FestiTent 1P
FestiTent 1P
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FestiTent 1P

The FestiTent 1P is a spacious 1 person tent. With its sleeping compartment of 200 by 150cm, it’s big enough to fit in all of your luggage and your matrass. The separate front tent is ideal for shoes or wet clothing.

FestiTent 2P

Thanks to our renewed 2015 design of the classic 2P tent, the sleeping compartment has been upgraded to 230*160cm, and the front side is equipped with a separate luggage tent of 160*115cm.

The height of the sleeping compartment is 140 cm. This makes changing clothes inside your tent much easier.

FestiTent 2P
FestiTent 2P
FestiTent 2P
FestiTent 2P
FestiTent 2P DARKMODE before
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FestiTent 4P
FestiTent 4P
FestiTent 4P
FestiTent 4P
FestiTent 4P
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FestiTent 4P

The FestiTent 4p is equipped with two separate sleeping compartments of 230 by 180 cm. More than enough to fit in a 2 persons matrass. Between both bedrooms there is a central baggage and living area of 160 by 230 cm. The living area is high enough to stand up straight which makes it ideal for changing your clothes.

Would you like to Relax in your FestiTent until late in the morning?  That’s possible: Book the FestiTent DARKMODE, a 99% dark FestiTent.
In the FestiTent DARKMODE you can sleep while the sun tries to shine your tent away.  Just Relax in the dark and Enjoy your Festival fully recharged. Thank us later!
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  • 99% dark
  • Relax until late in the morning
  • Enjoy your festival fully recharged

Where to find us

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What people think about us

Altijd prima geregeld Wederom voor Pinkpop 2020, tent gehuurd, doe dit al een paar jaar op rij. Altijd prima geregeld, en duidelijk communicatie, [...]
- 2019-11-26T11:34:02.446Z
4de keer Festitent , 3de keer op Crammerock... zalig concept ! Telkens weer vriendelijke ontvangst en goede service. Materiaal zeker in orde.
- 2019-09-11T08:09:35.78Z
👍👍👍 Eerste keer in een festitent maar zeker niet de laatste 👍👍
- 2019-09-09T09:30:57.579Z
Niet geleverd wat ze hebben verkocht Wij zijn op Solar Weekend met 15 man bij Festitent gaan camperen. We hebben ruim vooraf (in februari, terwijl het [...]
- 2019-08-13T23:00:05.903Z
Phenomenal! Absolutely amazing! For a 1 person tent, it has a lot of space to move around and manage your suitcase, food [...]
- 2019-08-13T21:40:57.428Z
schitterend! fijn geregeld! gewoon aankomen op het festival, inchecken en relaxen maar! doe dit al enkele jaren en volgend jaar zeker gewoon opnieuw! [...]
- 2019-08-13T14:16:35.975Z
Super goed Goed geholpen, en toen t hard waaide nog extra sterkte haringen in de tent gekregen. Alles was top voor elkaar! [...]
- 2019-08-13T12:36:03.284Z
Zorgeloos Alles was tip top in orde op cirque magique.balie direct aan de ingang.3min moeten wachten op medewerker die de tenten [...]
- 2019-08-12T14:51:46.485Z
alles perfect geregeld, ook de vervanging van een lege luchtbed ik zou de lantaarn graag wat feller zien, en als de tent ietsje groter was, was het perfect geweest
- 2019-08-11T18:56:42.812Z
Super Ersatz zum eigenen Zeltaufbau Habe das erste Mal ein Zelt für die Nature One gemietet. Der Check-in ging reibungslos und schnell. Das 1-Personen-Zelt ist sehr geräumig [...]
- 2019-08-11T18:22:38.81Z
chilled This is the second time i have used Festitent for Castlefest. Excellent service, no hassle checking in and out. Situated in [...]
- 2019-08-09T16:22:12.346Z
Mooie tenten, goede medewerkers 3 van de vier luchtbedden waren lek, maar kreeg daarna wel goede luchtbedden. Ook hing er een vies hemd in de [...]
- 2019-08-07T18:14:52.099Z
Gekampeerd op Solar zonder tent op- of af te bouwen Incheckbalie van Festitent was lastig te vinden, maar eenmaal gevonden vriendelijk geholpen. De tent stond klaar, maar helaas moesten de [...]
- 2019-08-07T07:28:57.043Z
Matig We kwamen met een groep van rond de 15 personen naar een festival waarbij ons van te voren tweemaal via [...]
- 2019-08-07T07:07:52.197Z
Cabin 2 personen Ik had een cabin gehuurd met mijn peuter. Je zit dus met 2 "huurders" in 1 container die opgesplitst is in [...]
- 2019-08-06T18:05:19.017Z
Prima tent, goede service De tent stond klaar met luchtbed en al. De plek op de camping waar de Festitent tenten stonden was ook [...]
- 2019-08-06T17:44:41.183Z
Eine tolle Lösung wenn die Zeit knapp ist. Fürnuns war Festitent wohl die einzige Lösung,um auf der Nature One einen Campingplatz zu finden. Als wir nämlich am Fr. [...]
- 2019-08-06T16:50:56.227Z
Ruime tent en goede luchtbedden Alles was goed geregeld. De tweepersoons tent is lekker ruim. Voorin de bagage en achterin slapen. Je kan niet rechtop [...]
- 2019-08-06T13:37:41.79Z
Goed geregeld. Goede tent, alles vlot geregeld.
- 2019-08-06T12:28:23.043Z

The FestiTent HQ

You can find our headquarters at:

Molenberglei 14
2627 Schelle

You can contact us via the FestiTent Support page.

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